Joy Comes to Earth CD


Lyrics by Arya Candace Heath and music by composer/musician Richard Shulman for expectant families and newborns honoring new life into the world.

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Endorsements and Testimonials


Joy Comes to Earth invites expectant parents to take a break from the demands of everyday life and to re-center themselves in their hearts. It provides the perfect opportunity to establish and strengthen the vitally important pre-birth connection with their child."

 ~ Gloria Jean
 Trained in Lamaze and in Deepak Chopra's Magical Beginnings and Enchanted Lives Childbirth Education.

"Everyone should take the time to experience Joy Comes to Earth. For me, it brought an epiphany of healing love. The spoken word by Arya Candace Heath instills the tenderness of a mother's gentle caress. The musical hues of the acoustic piano by Richard Schulman deliver an atmospheric environment in which the caress can be truly felt. I believe this is a tremendous resource for anyone and, especially, those of us who offer support to mothers and their children."
 ~ Kathryn Berkowitz
 CLA, CCE(ALACE)ACCP/Maternal Support Specialist

Joy Comes to Earth honors the entrance of new life into our world. Arya Candace Heath shares her comforting voice and poetic style to create a sacred space that reminds family and community of the love-gift of life. Richard Shulman's music resonates with the spirit of the words and expands the space in which love dwells. Thank you, Candace and Richard for giving of yourselves and bringing your share of light into the world. Thank you for inviting us to do the same."
 ~ Reverend Cindy Jordon
 Former Director of Spiritual Care, Catawba Valley Medical Center

I believe all mothers--and dads---should invest in positive, quiet moments for themselves in order to bring that peacefulness to their unborn child.  Babies respond to our stresses in the womb.  Modern life is stress even on a good day!  What a gift Arya Candace Heath has given us to share with our families...both born and unborn!  This CD is so life-affirming and bound to remind each of us how special we are.
 ~ Karolen Bowman, MD
 Pediatrician and mother of four

"After listening to Joy Comes to Earth with my two year old daughter, she asked me what birth meant and this opened a precious discussion of her own birth."
 ~ Elizabeth Jarman

"As an expectant mother, I listened to Joy Comes to Earth with my seven year old daughter. My heart was touched hearing the words, “remember God Loves you” as I realized the blessing of the baby in my womb. The baby leapt in my belly hearing the words of Joy Comes to Earth, while my seven year old daughter went peacefully to sleep in my arms."
 ~ Louise McIlvain